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Tax Planning

Our comprehensive tax planning services can help keep your tax bill low now and in retirement. We accomplish this through:

  • Our expertise combined with Holistiplan. Holistiplan is a sophisticated tax planning software that will uncover potential tax strategies that will mitigate your tax burden in retirement and beyond.

  • Annual Tax Return Analysis

  • Annual Roth Conversions (if appropriate)

  • Time Your Income Streams for maximum benefit & tax efficiency (e.g. Social Security, Pension, Investment withdrawals, Required Minimum Distributions, rental income, etc.)

  • Asset Location 

  • Charitable Giving Strategies (DAF's, Direct from IRA's (if 701/2 & Older)

  • Gifting strategies to your adult children and grandkids 

 Want to learn more about lowering your tax bill in retirement? Schedule a complementary call to learn how we can help. 

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